Science Podcasts

I love science and podcasts so I combined my passions by co-hosting the Scicomm Podcast with Dr. Mike in 2016. Our podcast covered interesting topics in science, scicomm and career development. We also interviewed talented scicommers who are creating new and exciting ways to communicate science to the public. If you're interested in learning how to get into scicomm or need new project ideas, this is the podcast for you!


SciComm Episode 14 – The Terrifying Truth of Tarantula Toxins!

In SciComm episode 14, we discuss the new research surrounding toxins found in the Ornamental Baboom Tarantula. We talk about how these toxins may be used in the future to provide pain relief without the side effects currently associated with drugs like Lidocaine. We also look at how other creatures may be utilised as they also synthesise their own form of toxins and also how the receptors of these peptides may shed light on the functional role them play in pain.


SciComm Episode 15 – How to start your own science blog!

In SciComm episode 15, we talk about how to setup your own science blog. If you have ever wanted to spread knowledge about your own science topic/field but weren’t sure how to start, we give you the tools to get started.

SciComm Episode 16 – Plant-based burgers, are you ready for this?

In SciComm episode 16, we look at the company “Impossiblefoods” who have come up with a way to create burgers in the laboratory made entirely out of plants/biomass. Is this the turnaround that we need in a world with an ever increasing population? Tune in to find out!

SciComm Episode 17 – Twitter for Scientists: 101

In SciComm episode 17, we look at how Twitter can be used by scientists in order to expand their network and to engage with other scientists and non-experts. We talk about how we initially got started on Twitter, how Twitter is used for science communication and various other points.

SciComm Episode 18 – CRISPR makes the cut

In SciComm episode 18, we look at the importance of CRISPR and the practical implications it can and will have on the health of the global population in the future.

SciComm Episode 19 – Interview with Samantha Yammine

In SciComm episode 19, we have a talk with PhD student, Samantha Yammine. Samantha is very passionate about science and sharing it with the world. Her research looks at some of the first cells of the brain – neural stem cells. We also talk about how she has combined her love of science with her love of social media by using various applications.

SciComm Episode 21 – Interview with Paige Jarreau

In SciComm episode 21, we chat with scicomm expert Dr. Paige Jarreau, who is currently a Science Communication Specialist for the College of Science at Louisiana State University. She was previously a postdoctoral researcher studying and teaching science communication at the Manship School of Mass Communication, LSU but now focuses on the intersection of science communication, journalism and new media.


SciComm Episode 22 – Interview with Sue Pillans

In SciComm episode 22, we chat with ocean lover Dr. Sue Pillans. Sue is a Brisbane-based marine ecologist, strategist, artist and knowledge broker who specialises in creative and visual communications as a Graphic Recorder. She combines her training as a marine scientist with her imaginative skills as an artist to help people, teams and organisations “picture their ideas” through visual storytelling. As a graphic recorder she has worked with a wide range of people and groups from indigenous communities, schools, Governments, and scientists to draw out local, regional and international ideas and issues.

SciComm Episode 23 – Interview with Thomai Dion

In SciComm episode 23, we chat with Dr. Thomai Dion. Thomai is a pharmacist by trade that has community, call center and business strategy experience. Thomai is also a mother, gardener, children’s book author and a writer who is curious about all things science. She also loves to teach and recently launched a website to blog and connect with like-minded folks about scicomm. She currently does graphic design work and hopes to expand her role in science to research, lecturing in academia and speaking at events. In the meantime, you can find her think-a-lot-tot books on amazon and her scicomm on Twitter & Instagram (@tdthesciencemom).

SciComm Episode 24 – Post-christmas chat

In SciComm episode 24, Dr Mike and I discuss our New Years’ resolutions as well as some of our top SciComm tips from throughout the year. If you’d like to discuss anything mentioned in this episode, feel free to tweet us (Dr. Mike – @drmikeographer / Dr. Karen Ring – @DrKarenRing).

SciComm Episode 25 – Interview with Daniel Toker

In SciComm episode 25, we chat with brain scientist Daniel Toker. Daniel is pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience at UC Berkeley. The main question he’s interested in is how the brain can generate conscious experience. He uses insights from graph theory and information theory to better understand what the brain is doing when it’s conscious, and what changes when it’s not. You can learn more about Daniel on his website or find him on Twitter (@daniel_toker) and Instagram (@the_brain_scientist).

SciComm Episode 36 – Hosting a rocur account

In SciComm episode 36, Dr Mike and I talk about our experience hosting and moderating the Twitter rocur account @IAmSciComm. I hosted the account in late January of 2017 and Dr Mike hosted the account in early 2016. Hear about our strategies for managing the account, engaging followers, and how not to burn out! It's an experience we recommend for anyone interested in scicomm.